And so it begins…

Dear Dairy,

I woke up this morning and life had caught up to me. I’m a 28 year old single mother, sleeping on my friends couch (in a swanky large home albeit) with another horrendous, failed relationship behind me.

He wasn’t worthy of me, nor did he earn my respect or loyalty. In fact, he lost it fairly early on. I stuck around. I chose to believe in his words, filled with hope and promise only to be sorely let down.

I blame myself for not leaving sooner. And for letting him in.

He pretended we were soulmates. Best friends. Destined to be together forever. Only to benefit and lie.

There is so much value in all of the realizations of late. It’s just a shame, I will be doing everything in my power to not let anyone else in, ever again.

My heart is full and there is nothing I want or long for. In less than a week, I’ve packed my bags, moved my things and found a beautiful home for me and the little.

I look forward to the meaningful, meditative things in life. To loving myself, treating myself and taking care of myself. I look forward to being frugal and accumulating wealth. To traveling and making memories. Fitness & health. Simple pleasures and small luxuries.

Companionship is earned and should anyone desire to befriend or get close to me, they’ll need to move mountains. I will never again claim that I am to be had.


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